History Specialists
£175.00 for 1-2 experienced practitioners in school all day. See T & Cs.

Mini Museum In School

For History Detectives sessions, workshops and school visits, featuring hands on historical enquiry through genuine & replica artefacts, Young Archaeologists brings the museum to you.


The Box of Bones and our Ancient Artefacts display, authenticated by British Museum experts.

Historical evidence such as Breughel's painting, Children's Games is displayed and discussed.

Our Young Archaelogists school visit can be adapted to create a museum in school for the day using replica and original artefacts to complements your history topics in school.  Please view our

Replica Artefact Galleries for pictures of artefacts and toys which can

be included.  Up to six classes can also benefit from workshops session in the Mini Museum, as detailed below:


How do we know?


A key question for young

children in historical enquiry -

how do we know about...?  In

the introduction to the session,

we discuss sources of

information and how

archaeology is carried out.  Our

portable display of genuine

ancient artefacts, featuring

Roman brooches and coins;

a Medieval key, spindle

whorls and other objects is shown.

Historical evidence, as

discussed and explained in this

short introduction, forms the

bedrock for everything we do

as Specialists.


The structure of the session is

explained and children carousel

around the following activities

in groups:


Order, Order!


Collections of replica and

original artefacts from different

eras are displayed - eg. toys;

vessels; jewellery; appliances.

Can the children place them in

the correct order by age?










Mystery Objects


Obscure replica and original antique artefacts are displayed for

children to handle and discuss with answers to be shared in the plenary. 













The Box of Bones


Plastic bones arranged with evidence of jewellery need to be recorded precisely in sketch form.  The children must try to work out

the person's cultural background and date the skeleton by identifying the jewellery elsewhere in the session. 


Rich & Poor














High quality, reproduction artefacts which must be grouped into rich and poor.  This requires study of the materials used and thought given to the likely age of the objects.




An international coin collection

with coins dating back hundreds of

years can be handled.  Children are

challenged to identify the countries

of origin of certain coins, draw

pictures or describe others and use

their enquiry skills to date others.


The Interactive Clothing Timeline


The session usually ends with dressing up volunteers to join a life-size timeline of people from bygone eras, giving a visual and kinaesthetic context for all of the topics covered in schools.


Finally, three different types of writing surfaces from different eras are shown and the children are asked to identify when people wrote on them.


                                                          Resources and costumes for this

                                                          day (as with all of the Specialists'

                                                          work) are researched to a high level

                                                          and are mainly of museum grade.

                                                          Many objects for this session are real

                                                          antiques.  The workshop features

                                                          Greek, Roman Egyptian, Anglo-

                                                          Saxon, Viking, Tudor, Stuart,

                                                          Georgian, Victorian and Modern

                                                          resources and can be used to

                                                          complement any history topic.


SEN Schools

We understand the need for explorative

learning and incorporate sensory

opportunities. Our Young Archaeologists

visit into SEN schools can be less structured

and can include basic Makaton.



(The rates quoted below cover the service which can be delivered by either Specialist dependent on your area and other factors - please see our Terms and Conditions.)


Full Day

The full day rate is £175.00 plus mileage (50p per mile round trip from LE9 9HG)

I/2 day

In our local area you are more than welcome to book half a day or less to include some of the above sessions. The cost for ½ day is £100.00 (50p per mile round trip from LE9 9HG)


I-2 hours

In our local area and for up to two classes, up to two Specialist led sessions -  £80.00 plus mileage.