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Anglo Saxon school visits for education.  We provide a living history and reenactment service as historical interpreters focusing on the QCA Invaders and Settlers topic.  As re-enactors, we use storytelling, music, dance, writing using runes and artefacts such as toys and games, brooches and weaponry etc. to bring the excitement of real history to your classroom.


Some of the locations we travel to for our Anglo Saxon workshops are:

East-Midlands, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire , Warwickshire, Leamington, Leicester Hinckley Nottingham  Coventry , Tamworth, Derbyshire, Derby, Chesterfield, Nottinghamshire, Mansfield, Worksop, Newark, Leicestershire, Leicester, Loughborough, Melton Mowbray, Coalville, Lutterworth, Rutland Northampton, Coventry, Bedfordshire, Warwick, Nuneaton, Rugby, Stratford-upon-Avon.





The Anglo Saxon school visit can be booked for one or several classes for a full day or a half day.  The costs quoted can cover one or both Specialists to come into local schools (please see our Terms and Conditions) – unless the booking is particularly required on a day when one of us is already booked.

Folk Moot inc. dancing


Brooch Making

This session incorporates art/DT.

Writing with Quill Pens


This session compares the writing with runes of the common man with the quill pens used by Anglo Saxon monks.

Pastimes, games and toys

Children will have the opportunity to play games such as Knucklebones, Fivestones and Dice.  We bring a class set of solid wood Nine Men's Morris boards for children to challenge each other.  Optionally, children may also make their own Three Men's Morris game.


Some of the kit for our well established Viking day fits into the Anglo Saxon visit too.

Anglo Saxon School Visits

Here is an outline of the typical Anglo Saxon school visit:


Children are summoned by horn-blowing.  Everyday clothing, objects and way of life are discussed.

Warrior Session

This session offers the opportunity for children to learn about weaponry of the time.  Volunteers are also involved in handling various authentic objects most of which are of museum quality.  Children will learn how to handle shields and may even try on the Anglo Saxon helmet.



We end the day with a myth told in oral tradition, combined with more interactive storytelling as a whole group.  All of the children join in, playing simple parts in a light-hearted tale.


We, Greg and Lisa, work fully in role as Anglo Saxon settlers. This means that we use our subject knowledge to respond to questions and talk as Anglo Saxons would do.  To achieve this we use a medieval-flavoured pattern of speech to lend a realistic feel to our words whilst remaining clear enough for children to understand.  This historical interpreter's commitment to authenticity is tempered with a teacher's sense of appropriateness though - so we do not swear (as some reenactors will in school, claiming that this was the way it was!).


Our focus is on the educational experience for the children and what serves them best, so the sessions are interactive and involve everyone.The overall experience for children is then an immersive one where they feel they have truly met an Anglo Saxon and gained a picture of Anglo Saxon life.  The sessions are interactive and involve all of the children.

SEN Schools

Greg and Lisa are experienced working with children of a range of ages and abilities.  They understand the need for explorative

learning and incorporate sensory opportunities. Our Anglo Saxon visit into SEN schools is less structured and will try to meet the needs of the children. Please get in touch to discuss your specific class and their needs with us. If required, Greg and Lisa can visit in costume but not in role (to reduce confusion).



The costs quoted below cover the service which can be delivered by one or two Specialists, dependent on your area and other factors (please see our Terms and Conditions).

Full days can be booked up to one hour's drive from our base.  Reduced full days, half days and bookings where both Specialists are required can take place in schools up to forty minutes drive from our base.


Full Day - (One Specialist, 9am-3pm)

The full day rate is £275.00 from Autumn 2019 plus mileage (55p per mile round trip from CV13 0DZ)

Reduced Full Day - (One Specialist, 10am-3pm)

The reduced full day rate is £225.00 from Autumn 2019 plus mileage (55p per mile round trip from CV13 0DZ)

Full Day - Double Rate (Two Specialists)

The full day rate for two Specialists is £325.00 from Autumn 2019 plus mileage (£1.10 per mile round trip from CV13 0DZ)

Half day

Half days can incorporate some of the above sessions. The cost for ½ day is £180.00 from Autumn 2019 (55p per mile round trip from CV13 0DZ)

These rates will be in place for all sessions in 2018 and there are no hidden costs.

The day is fully risk assessed and this can be emailed upon request.  Confirmation of booking is taken as a contract between the school and The Specialists and acceptance of our T & C's.

Greg and Lisa McCarthy have many years of experience working with children. Greg is a teacher and Lisa a former Occupational Therapist in learning disabilities. Both have full CRB's and public liability insurance.


Resources are meticulously researched and authentic to the period.  We will bring real animal hide and animal bone objects.  We understand if anyone is sensitive to this (Lisa is a vegetarian in real life!) but please be prepared.  Our bone replica artefacts really are made of bone - not plastic!